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Hello, I’m KINGSTON, a Forever Business Owner of The Aloe Vera Company based in Singapore.

"Having an additional source of income in the 21st century becomes more important than ever. It is a way of ensuring stability and protecting oneself against unpredictable circumstances."

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How Forever Changed My Life

As a consumer, I have been using Forever Living Products for over 10 years now and only recently decided to join the business. I was a Digital Consultant for 2 years, I felt so sure that running my own Forever Living business was definitely not for me – I felt I needed to be a salesperson to be successful. However, I was in dire need for money to pay off my student loan and to support my family. Feeling desperate, I started looking for secondary source of income. This is when I decided to give the Forever Living business a try. Despite my initial reservations, I joined, and true to what I had been told, I soon realised that this business does not require sales techniques. Many, many people are looking for better health and a better lifestyle, so by simply enthusing about what I have to offer, my business began to develop.

One thing I have learn is that providing value for others rather than one person is going to be far more lucrative for me in the future. As such, I have decided to dedicate myself into helping people to build their secondary source of income. I have created a business strategy that anyone, regardless of who you are, will be able to follow and be successful in this business. No words can describe how excited I am right now to share with you my experiences and business strategy!

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